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    Infotainment system gripe

    I feel a bit cheated (yes I knew this when I bought it) but all of the hype for the system Bluetooth blah blah blah, phone answering etc... you still have to plug a head set into it and to beat all, you have to buy something to plug the plug into.

    I use a Scala head set that bluetooths my GPS, Phone, and IPod to my head no plugs when I ride my Jap bikes and no one even knows I'm on my bike when we talk AND I get to talk to 6 other bikes while doing it all.

    I feel that Harley is moving forward or I wouldn't have bought one, but Tech wise they still seem to be about 10 years behind. Am I missing something?
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    I could go on for an hour about what a POS this radio is turning out to be. Wait until it starts resetting itself, screen going blank, etc. Yesterday I had the radio flashed for the CB module and headset cable, CB was working, WAS being the operative word, now it shows up under the Media menu and isn't recognized and the DB dealer wants me to pay for them to diagnose it. Fat chance, they just lost a customer. I've also talked to the HD 800 customer service number, I would have gotten farther talking to myself. I can't wait until someone makes and aftermarket radio I can replace it with.

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    Infotainment system gripe

    Check the blog and see if that is any help. Sorry to hear about the problems.

    Hulkss might be able to help.

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    Exclamation 6.5 Dudbox

    Ha Ha, The SGS 6.5 Boombox has many "holes" in it's software for sure. I came out of the electronics industry the HD marketing hype for this unit under the Rushmore banner has a lot of "play on words" trickery.

    You would think IF HD is going to add the 6.5 BB to the FLHXS they would have also put the console with headset jack on it too! (No-wait a minute! That's a 2015 feature.). The best "band aid" way I've worked this out is to Bluetooth my LG730 headset to my iPhone and direct connect it to the BB. I've discovered if you Bluetooth the iPhone to the BB, you can use the left toggle to Fwd or Rev the playlist but cannot see the album covers. However . . . if you USB connect the iPhone, you see the playlist album covers but cannot Fwd/Rev songs in the playlist!!!!
    And don't even get me started about the rubber sleeve in the player compartment. I would like to know WHICH phone they modeled that slot over. I took mine out and threw it away then bought some 1/4 thick black foam rubber w/adhesive back and lined the compartment so i can get my iPhone in and out.

    Excepting my disappointment in the Boom box features, the rest of the 2014 is really good: 4 out of 5 stars! * * * *
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    Thanks for sharing, you have helped me decide what I need to do! I am getting the regular Street Glide (and add ABS). Never had a radio before so I certainly won't miss having a POS one! Navigation thing not needed either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer View Post
    Thanks for sharing, you have helped me decide what I need to do! I am getting the regular Street Glide (and add ABS). Never had a radio before so I certainly won't miss having a POS one! Navigation thing not needed either.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm not having resetting issues I just think Harley moved so far forward that could have gone on the rest of the way and had modern technology. but I would still buy the special for all the different upgrade items. The abs and linked brakes alone are worth it.

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    Keefer- Other than the POS radio issues the bike is fine, both the 4.3 and 6.5 radios have issues from what I've seen. I bought the regular SG and upgraded to ABS because the SGS didn't come in Daytona Blue.

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    Here's a video comparing Bluetooth and corded solutions. For now, with H-D, I believe the best solution is corded.
    The solution I am using is posted here: Headset Connection

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    Overall I have been happy with the 6.5BB, that being said it does its glitches.

    My biggest complaint is with the phone system and Bluetooth, I agree the last thing I want to do is be on the phone while I'm trying to unplug and enjoy my bike, but the reality of it is that sometimes in order to unplug we have take it when we can get it and that means we may have to take a phone call, business, family, etc. even though we don't want to. The luxury of being able to do that without taking my hands off the bars and my eyes off the road or having to pull over was a huge selling feature for me, I was tired of having to screw with headphones, phone, etc. that I had to deal with on my Rocker if a call came in and I had to answer it.

    Complaint: You can't answer the phone if its hooked up bluetooth without pulling over, taking it out of the dock, pocket, etc and going to settings, turning off bluetooth then answering the call and by then its to late. Unless you are wearing a headset and the last thing I want on my head is a headset for any reason, otherwise why make it so that you can answer it and hear the caller through the external speakers, but not communicate with them, the system had to be originally designed to have a mic on the inside of the faring. If it is only designed to work with headsets, then it should only work with headsets....

    I just want to be able to quickly answer if needed and get off unless its an emergency and I need to pull over and deal with it without a headset of any kind. Why would I want to listen to some inferior headset speakers for my music vs this expensive system.

    Otherwise I love my new bike!

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    Scott, the Daytona Blue sure is nice too. I officially placed my order yesterday for the SG Regular with ABS. I like the Vivid Black. I should be able to pick it up in a couple of weeks. I leathered all up yesterday and rode my RK over there since I plan to trade it in (had to jump the battery!) and not sure if they even looked at it much except to check the miles on it. I told them since the battery needed replacing I may as well just get a new bike... LOL!

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