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    Lithium LiFe battery problems

    So I bought a new Lithium LiFe battery,with the Harley lithium charger
    The problem is Iíve had had it go dead in a short amount of time 3 times now.
    Does anyone have any ideas? Is it the battery? Could the security system run the battery down?

    Any help appreciated guys

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    The H-D LiFe is an 8 amp hour battery. Less than 1/3 of the stock lead acid battery. It is light and can deliver big current for starting. Keep it on the lithium charger when you are not riding. Yes the current draw on the bike parked will drain it.

    Letting a lithium battery go dead does damage it. You may need a new one.

    You can buy a lithium battery monitor here and keep track of it on your smartphone.
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