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    Rear air, what do you have/recommend?

    I've started thinking about putting a rear air system on my 2014 SG, one thing I'm looking for specifically is if you suddenly lose pressure your fender won't drop onto the rear I have an expensive Bad Dad Summit fender and really don't want to pay to replace it because I lost pressure on the highway and the tire burned a hole in it. I also plan on adding an electric center stand right after, most likely from SO Baggers.

    I've looked at a couple all in one air kits, but I haven't seen anyone local that has one I could talk to about (not interested in piecing together one myself).

    Which do you have? Likes, dislikes, and recommendations appreciated.
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    Why an air system over say legend revos, rwd, progressive springs and shocks setup

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    Air rides look nice and are perfect for show bikes, but have no place on a bike that is ridden a lot. My buddy has a SG with a Dirty Air kit and something let go on it a couple of weeks ago while he was riding and the stretched bags and cape style rear fender dropped onto the road and ground them down severely.

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