I'd appreciate any recommendations on my setup. A little background to start, I bought a 2018 Road Glide Special a couple years ago, added a HD Stage 2 setup on the fairing(HD amp and Stage 2 Speakers). Mainly added the Stage 2 because I could not hear music at all over 50mph. The stage 2 did the trick, they were loud enough to hear but not the most satisfying sound at higher level and at higher speed, but still not bad. Long story short I sold the bike to my brother after having achilles surgery and needing a second surgery for my achilles and calf. After almost two years I just bought a used 2019 Street Glide Special that already had the HD Stage 2 fairing speakers installed. Again they are loud enough but still not full sounding. I just bought some Advanblack lowers with speaker pods for the bike and want to add some lower speakers. My brother in the meantime, did a Rockford Fosgate 4 speaker system to add speaker in the lids for his passenger, which he ended up taking out the HD Stage 2 speaker and Amp that I had installed. Ironically he does not like the Rockford setup while riding compared to the HD stage 2 setup but he ended up giving me back my HD amp and the stage 2 speakers. Now that the back info has been explained, here goes my question and what I need help with. What should I do for the lower fairing speakers? Should I use the Harley Amp and add the stage 2 speakers to them without the tweeter in the grill from the Road Glide and leave it without a grill cover or use an HD grill cover(not sure if thats possible)? Or should I scrap the HD speakers and go with another brand if I could use different speakers with the HD amp? Or lastly just get a different amp and speakers for the lowers all together? Money is not an issue at this point, but I also do not like to spend money if I really do not have to.