2018 SGS Factory head unit
Fosgate DSR1
Upper & Lowers:
Four 6.5 Mmats Audio PA601cx 100w rms
Powered by SD400.4 amp 4 x 55w rms

Hertz ST25 tweeters
Powered by SD Nano250
Hertz 8 200.1 SV
Powered by SD 800.4

I was told I left a lot of power on the table, by not using a bigger amp on the 6.5, anywho... System sounds incredible, but at high volumes only the left upper 6.5 speaker begins to distort. It sounds like when a speaker is getting to much bass. Seems like it also happens after hitting a bump. Wire terminals were snug on speaker.
Also why would the shop put everything on the front left channel? If I slide the fader to rear I get no sound.
Trying to understand the setup and determine if I need to have it rewired.
Thanks in advance for the thoughts.

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