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    Learnt some new stuff about the FP3 over the past few days...

    2011 Street glide, first EFI bike and first time really playing with EFI tuning.

    Bike has 54H cams, 1.675 rollers, thunderheader, 5.3g/s injectors, polished 50mm stock-size throttle body, and heads that have been port-matched/polished/and decked .030". By "polished", I mean I removed casting flash and just smoothed them out, they aren't mirror-shine or anything of that sort.

    I've been experimenting with home-brew air cleaners made with my 3D printer for both of my bikes, this one and an old carb'd hotrod Sportster. The SG came from its' previous owner with one of those kuryakyn "velocity stack" filters and had a CV-pattern adapter plate with internal breather ports. My first air cleaner was a 90-degree elbow pipe similar to the Heavy Breather/Monster Sucker types, but due to bolt pattern and size of the tube, the mounting bolts actually ran through the tube. I've since ported the breathers externally, removed the adapter plate, and reworked the design of the pipe so the mounting bolts are completely outside as to not cause flow interference. It seems to flow really well.

    Called V&H to get a base map since the old map I was using wasn't quite doing it. They sent me a new map, and it still wasn't getting the job done at one particular spot on the map. Wouldn't autotune worth a crap.

    Went looking it over through all the various settings, and found out that somehow the rep sent me a map that was set for a 5.7g/s injector instead of the 5.3 I am using, and that 4/10 of a gram apparently *really* matters!? I adjusted that setting but I was still getting a "hot spot" on my VE tables in both cylinders after autotune though, it was at about half throttle around 3.5-4.5kRPM. The FP3 will max out the correction factor at 127.5%, I had about a dozen squares on one cylinder that were maxed and half a dozen in the other, roughly centered in the same spot on the map.

    I found that if you run into this problem and adjust your displacement upward on your base map, the FP3 will assume globally (i.e. everywhere on the map) that the injectors should be spraying more fuel. It will then be able to put in a VE correction factor that falls within the adjustment range. I initially bumped it from 103" to 106" and it did a lot better, but I still ended up with a few out-of-range cells in that same hot spot. I bumped it a little further, this time to 110", and have mapped out half of the cells so far.

    The only problem I've seen so far is that in the top left corner of the map where you'll be at idle, low-speed take-off, etc is now running far too the point where it wants to stumble slightly leaving a stop sign and one of the cylinders actually threw a trouble code due to non-combustion. Thankfully the FP3 gives the user the ability to manually edit the individual cells, which is what I'll be doing when the autotune map is finalized.

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    A very nice detailed explanation thank you although I don't understand it all I did understand some of it.

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