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    (2010 SG) Clutch Cable routing

    I also posted this in HD forums.

    Folks, the Street Glide I am about to buy has the clutch cable routed outside of the hole in the fairing. The reason it is like this; the previous owner installed taller bars, and of course the clutch cable was too short. It is now routed outside of that fairing hole.

    Question: other then the clutch cable, are there any other cables that are going to be over stressed? I do not know what bars are now on it, I didn't install them, nor did the dealership. They are certainly taller then stock.
    Is there a good reason for me not to have the cable rerouted through the hole? Other then not routing because of a length issue after changing bars, is there any reason folks would do this? I am asking because if I want it changed, I will have to pay for it. So, if there is a reason not to worry about that, I'll leave it as is. I am not looking for "Have them do it, or don't buy the bike". Yes, I know of that option, but that could be a difficult issue, so I am not looking for that advise.

    I was told it would take about 2 hours labour to replace the cable with the proper length. So I would be on the hook for a new cable, less discount, plus labour, less discount.
    I just don't want a situation where I have the cable rerouted, then later on, for some reason, I decide I need it outside that hole. This is why I am asking if there is a reason someone would want to route it out of that hole, of course not including because the cable is too short.

    Not having the cable there would allow me a spot to drill out for a USB socket would be an example I could think of to not have it there
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