I have a 2009 SG with Bub 7 true dual exhaust. When I purchased it last year, it had a loose rear slip on on the left side (rear head pipe). We could never get it fully inserted into the head pipe, but we pounded it back, tightened the clamp it had and and it held for at least 6 months.

This past weekend I rode to Panama City and rode through some rough roads and I believe the road loosened the slip on again. Since I was on the road, I didn't have any tools to fix it. I continued to watch it closely to be sure it never fully separated from the head pipe. I was able to nurse it to the HD dealer in Panama City Beach. They wound up pounding the slip on in fully and put a better/larger clamp to hold the slip on where it should be. After leaving the dealership, something didn't sound right. We later discovered the rear head pipe around the O2 sensor was cracked (it might have been partially cracked previously, but I never noticed it before this weekend). I wound up getting some JB weld extreme heat and some muffler heat tape. We patched the crack, but could not remove the heat shields to see if the crack was completely around the pipe. We patched what we could see with the JB Weld, let it cure 4 hours and then wrapped the area with the heat tape and two clamps to hold the tape. We did 3 heat cycles to look/listen for any leaking sounds. It worked well and I was able to make it back home 400 miles away.

My question now, is since Bub 7 pipes are no longer made, is there a resource to find a replacement head pipe? If not, I will have to remove the pipe and get it welded....we also had trouble removing the heat shields - any tips or suggestions to do this? The patch/repair we did is still holding well, and I can probably ride if for awhile as it is, but does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a replacement pipe for the rear head pipe on a Bub 7 true dual exhaust?