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    The FP3 will not reduce your engine temps much at all. Do not buy a tuner for that reason.
    Put in 15W-60, or 20W-60 weight oil and don't worry about the temps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanjames View Post
    Thanks guys for all the advice. The mighty mites I installed a few weeks ago are doing a nice job. I just leave them on all the time. After doing much research, I think what I am going to do when spring gets here is just install a FP3. This will give me the ability to load a map that is less lean than the OEM map. That should help with engine temps some. Plus the tuner will give me opportunities for any down the road mods. The other features that is nice is having the FP3 software on my phone to see what engine temps are doing. I actually have an old iPhone that I might could use as a stand-alone monitor for the FP3 info. I think it would work. It doesn't have a SIM card in it but if I download the FP3 app to it over WiFi, it should work just fine as a Bluetooth connection to the bike. anyone tried this?
    The FP3 is a decent tuner, but like others have said not so sure it will help with cooling. It is good for a display on how hot the temperatures are though. You can actually do a test and run the bike with and without the Love Jugs running and see first hand how good of a job the Love Jugs do.

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