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    I agree. The Canadian market has not gotten to the point of allowing to stream music with apps cheap. So I do have the Sirius/Xm radio on my bike. It gives me more options. Having the iPod/USB has limits as well. As I do listen to all types of music. Mostly old rock. But I do like listening to the comedy station for a good laugh once in awhile on long trips or maybe football or hockey games if I happen to be away from home. So to me there are some advantages. When I am at home and on the wifi in the garage it's the satellite or the Pandora app for music.
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    All those solutions are great especially when you're in the USA, but if you're up here in the Great White North, that streaming can be quite they've really not figured out yet how to do it efficiently, because if they did they wouldn't make as much money.
    now saying that

    If you already have sirius/xm account you can add your bike for 5 bucks a month onto your existing account....the only caveat with that is if you're logged in from your phone, and try to log in somewhere else, it won't let you because apparently you're already logged in....seems while the streaming has gotten efficient, the multiple location login's hasn't

    I have it on my bike, and it works well, because let's face it, once you've heard all the tunes on your iphone/ipod/mp3 player, 600 times, it tends to get old.
    the bitch I have is: You can get sirius radio in your home, car/truck, but for a motorcycle it's xm only, and while it's the same company, they're separate, which is a pain. I tried adding the bike to my existing sirius account and was told I couldn't because it's an XM module, not so in the states apparently

    Yet another reason canadian Harley products suck
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    I have had it installed to about 700 miles now. I like the options of listening to different channels at the flip of a few thumb buttons. I am on the trial right now and will probably keep it going. I also have the weather and traffic updates which are very slow and so far worthless, but a cool feature. The weather will load up after 1-30 minutes. Once it does load the weather it is pretty cool to see where the rain is before i get there.

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