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    You don't really want to run auto tune indefinitely as it sets your afr to a funny number as a constant. You can, and this is the big bonus to tuners like the fp3 and pv, leave the unit connected forever and then tune occasionally.

    Regarding auto tune again, it learns a value for each cell once per application. This means that if you were to ride a regular pattern, whatever cells it has learned won't be re-checked until those values are applied or the auto tune is finished. This is anoyher reason to run occasional sessions (stopping every so often to apply values) versus putting it in auto tune and take it to work every day this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eg78 View Post
    I just put on RH slimline Duals and RH 4" slipons and got myself an FP3. I bought the high flow baffles and will install them Friday. I've got a canned map on there right now "V&H twin slash round with power duals" and will likely run the AT once I move to the high flow baffles.

    Question - Can I just leave the FP3 on my bike indefinitely and run autotune applying every few weeks? Or is that not recommended?
    I have slimline duals with the high flows. I started with the canned map from the Crushers Marksman slippin with powercell duals vs the VH maps. Much happier starting from there. Just as an FYI.

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    1 guys rock, and Spazz...rockstar all the way. 2016 SGS, stock 103HO, SE Stage-1, Bassani head pipes/stock HD (after Bassani head pipes) w/SE Street Cannons slip-on's. Tuning with FP3, using V&H Stock HD 103HO stock mufflers/Hi-flow Air Intake as base map; running Auto-Tune. Fantastic and impressive results! Thanks for all the great info & tips here on this thread. Semper Fi!

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