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Thread: No brake lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokit View Post
    Question... 2014 SGS. Had intermittent problems with front brake lights, now they don't work at all. L.E.D lights installed and operational for quite a long time. Rear brake activation is fine. I think it's in the switch as it's also affected deactivating cruise control by grabbing the front brake. Suggestions? Do I just replace the switch housing or is there a workaround? Thanks in advance.
    I know a few of these switches have been repaired with oil or electrical cleaner to get them working again. Not sure you can replace just the switch so you may have to replace the housing.

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    How did you fix it? I replaced my tail lights yesterday with LED rings. Donít have front brake lights. I installed new grips couple years ago, so I donít think itís that.

    Quote Originally Posted by special_eddie View Post
    Thanks for the help everyone. I appreciate it. I got it fixed after a little monkeying around. You guys are awesome. I hope I can some day help someone out and save them a trip to the dealer.

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