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Thread: Trailer Advise

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    I was thinking about 7x12 then after looking at few while shopping I have decided to go with 7x14 tandem axle. That'll give me more room for other things and couple of cots for sleeping if need be. There are so many variables to consider, single sheet of roof/side's vs multiple sheets with screws, side door hinges, vents, electrical wiring, taller tires, etc... This is like buying a home, you want to get one which will serve you for many other things and not just hauling motorcycles. At least it's for me, I have raw properties so I will be using my trailer to haul stuff and building my properties to be ready for sale and summer home.
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    My 6x12 single axles trailer is the perfect size for what I need it for. Haven't hauled the bike in it yet but it would be a tight squeeze for my bagger and other items..
    I do have multiple bikes and it would be nice to carry at least two bikes on a road trip.

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