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Normally, I would agree and that has been my experience, however, a friend bought a slightly used (4,500 miles) 2016 SGS that didn't come with the docking hardware but in the deal, had the dealer install it. And nothing fits. Absolutely everything he's tried, he has to wrestle with to make it work. If the front lines up, then the back doesn't and vice-a-versa. There are spacers to adjust the width but the problem is its too wide. So what he has to do is spread out the mounts for his tour pak and the passenger backrest (for when the TP isn't mounted) but that causes problems in that the mounts now go on at a slight spread-out angle. He has taken it back to the dealer multiple times but they tell him there's nothing they can do. After I examined his bike, I took measurements and compared my bike to his. I've determined the rear frame of his bike is 3/8" inch wider than mine. And THAT is enough of a difference to make his mounts not line up.
Sounds like the dealer installed docking hardware for a '13 and older. '14 and up mounts are slightly different.