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Thread: FM reception

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    Quote Originally Posted by danoday View Post
    I would probably re

    Danoday, I appreciate your opinion but I don't have any options on antenna location, I have a removable tour pak so the stock antenna location doesn't work and since the tour pak comes on and off, an antenna on it won't work either. I know there are other interferences in the fairing but I have the antenna there now and am satisfied with the reception.

    I was really hoping one of the J&M reps would respond and either confirm or deny what the J&M rep at the booth in Americade told me and then tell me what Amp I need for my setup.
    Here is how I did my antennas.
    Antenna relocation (Small).jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by FJH View Post
    I've seen plenty of posts about FM reception and some say adding the amp will reduce reception, others say no.

    I was at Americade last week, went into the J&M booth. I asked the rep if adding an amp would decrease my FM reception. I told him I have the passive hidden in-fairing antennae. He said it depends on what amp I use. he said the digital amps will interfere with FM reception so I would need an analog amp. Looking at the amp descriptions on the J&M site, I can't figure out which amp I would need. I only have the 2 speakers in my fairing and am not planning to add any more. Pls advise!!
    I went through this for a year with HD and FM reception. It was finally found to be cause by my aftermarket Hog tunes digital amp when the local dealer decided they needed to replace the amp.

    Hog tunes finally after 2 amps decided to change it out to one of their analog amps and all is working well now. I run 2 channels on their 4 channel amp (its the only analog one they sell).

    This is with the HD powered in faring antenna (yup one of the fixes offered by HD to the reception problem)

    I got lucky as the tech installing the new radio found it when testing after the radio was installed.

    Just my opinion hope it helps.

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