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    Thinking of upgrading your headlight but not sure you can do it? This may help!

    I stumbled across this video and thought it may be helpful for some who aren't sure how to do it.

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    These headlight questions are almost like oil questions lol There are a lot of different choices out there for a replacement headlight now. You can go the Daymaker from Harley or the JW Speaker E2 that makes the day maker for Harley. Custom dynamics makes a new headlight that has good reviews for other choices not listed in that video. There is a whole bunch of knock offs out there for cheaper prices some people like those but be careful with those. I run the JW Speaker E2 and it provides really good light for me. I know a couple of guys on here that have switched to the new custom dynamics and they really like it. The install is very straight forward and easy to do so DYI. If you check the search in the upper right hand corner you should be able to bring up several threads for headlights.

    Hope this helps

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