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    Quote Originally Posted by pizz View Post
    I'm one of the idiots that Bought the WHIM and wireless headset....I have had nothing but trouble with the unit...The wireless headset pairs to the WHIM,Standing beside the bike with my helmet on,I switch the Ignition to ACC,then switch on the headset,it says hello then lets me know the headset is paired,I the choose either the radio or music from the flash drive,everything sounds great,I have to turn the volume down as it is distorting.....but and this is a big BUT...once I start the bike or riding I can hear something coming from a distance and also sounding like it's coming through a tin can....
    The dealer has bent over backwards trying to solve the problem and after trying every thing possible to get some sound other than the tin
    can sounding noise from a distance the headset slowly died,all it could do was pair to the bike and nothing else..
    Under warranty the Dealer replaced the headset only to strike the same problem again,
    The bike goes back to the dealer next week so the head mechanic can listen to what I have got (basically crap) then submit his findings to HD United States...
    I on the other hand want a full refund on this product that does not work,I'm done with it.
    The reason I decided on the WHIM and wireless headset I thought it would be basically plug and play and therefore very little to do to set up the unit... also at the end of August this year I'm planning on riding from Victoria to Townsville,Queensland (Australia) and wanted to be able to hear radio,recorded music and perhaps instructions from the GPS in my helmet rather being screamed at from the speakers in the batwing
    Did you try downloading the latest software for the headset and infotainment system? I have the WHIM on my 2018 SGS and the few times I have used it, there were no issues. I have both the Boom Audio 20S EVO and Boom Audio SPH-10 headsets. The 20S is by far the best of the two headsets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FurryOne View Post
    While the CB isn't an option on the 17 SGS either, it's still available to order, but the antenna they sell doesn't fit the new SGS or RGS frame (and sucks anyways). If you want CB, you can order it and get a FireStik2 antenna kit - with a drill and 2 screws it will fit right into the fender cutout and can actually be tuned. As with anything else that plugs into the Boom! - it needs to be enabled in software. Oh, and did I mention that you'd need a new set of control switches (#71500248B) because Harley left off the PTT switch? Then there's how you gonna talk to it? (no mic) The wired interface (#69200865) or the WHIM or the Freewire, oh my! There's some information on these subjects on my local HOG website: in the Tech section - guess who did the writeup?
    That's a nice write-up and thanks for the effort to do that. I'm not sure about the 2017/18's but I've been told anytime you add/delete Boom components/speakers, you need the radio re-flashed. Thinking the same thing, when I added the CB to my 2014, I totally did not expect it to work. After I finished the install, turned the radio on, the CB came to life. The next time I went to the dealers, I asked about the re-flash and the service manager said if it's working, then it doesn't need flashing. Mines working like a charm...btw, I'm using the J&M Flexpower CB Antenna. I can't comment on it except to say it works. I don't know the transmit/receive distance but it doesn't seem very far. Though the only person I was communicating with only had a portable handheld type unit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FurryOne View Post
    Ryan can be a bit over the top sometimes. Yes, Harley should have included the protocols for wireless comms in the spec for the H/K Boom! system, but then so did Honda! The situation sucks, but it's not unsurmountable. For wireless you can go with the WHIM or Freewire. Ryan sells Sena products, so he's not exactly a disinterested party, regardless of what he says. It suffices to say that if you're already invested in Sena headsets, the Freewire may be your cheapest route. I'm personally on the fence here - I have a wired headset controlling my Boom! right now but want to go wireless. I have a WHIM & adapter harness sitting in my garage already, but hope that H-D releases a 30K based headset. Of course I still could go with the Freewire, but that's a kludge of wires, though it would get me stereo and full wireless control of the Boom! system... so I'm waiting for a few months to see what shakes out. Meanwhile, as I mentioned in another post, I have more information in the Tech Section of our HOG website at including a few flowcharts I developed.
    I enjoyed your information in the Tech Section of our HOG website at
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    Great one, Loved it

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