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    That's great as long as you never kill the engine in an busy intersection! They are supposed to start in gear, get it fixed!
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    Fishin is right. This happened to me and I was really pissed because what if I stalled out, or any other happenstance other than starting the bike parked.
    Ended up it was the aftermarket clutch lever I installed. Adjusted to the way I like it, it works fine pulling the clutch in to shift BUT... there is a tiny button the lever touches. Ends up even engaged, the bike doesn't allow to start. Don't ask why, I didn't design it. But adjusting the lever back worked. There is also a tip done where you add a washer to this button. I didn't do that but there may be a tip technique somewhere for that.
    But I completely agree that it is a safety issue.
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    Where is this black tab at?

    Quote Originally Posted by azglocker View Post
    Bump cause this thread just helped me.

    I was having strange issues with the idle dropping really low after I pull in the clutch (pull in the clutch while coasting, it would drop to 500-700rpm then blip back up to 1200 before settling out) and no day noticed I couldn't start in gear. Also when slowing down with the clutch pulled in, it kept showing me random gear #s on the speedometer. Pulled in the clutch, used a screwdriver to let it snap back out a few time and viola! Both issues fixed. I can start it as I please and it doesn't hunt.

    if it happens again I'll take her in. If Harley has to warranty enough of these maybe they'll do a recall. Wishful thinking.

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