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    8 1/2” Klockwerks - so far, so good

    Hi guys, like everyone else, I think the stock shorty screen sure looks cool... but it ain’t worth £|<^{!! If you are 6’ 2” and enjoy a little comfort. I can’t recommend enough to go to your closet dealers to demo some replacements - it will change your expectations of comfort.
    I tried the 7” H-D WindSplitter and it was 1000% improved, but at my height and the occasional passenger, I had room to go higher. Unfortunately, the next H-D WindSplitter screen is about 10” - and above my line of sight - no go for me.
    I couldn’t find a Klockwerks demo, so I estimated and got the 8 1/2” which vibrates A LOT more than you’d expect, but stabilizes at speed. I can see over it under normal conditions, but it is just shy of being too tall. I’m not sure if I would have been content with the 6 1/2” because I never tried it. FWIW, the 6 1/2” looks a little cooler. KW also measures differently than H-D, so you are still guessing.
    Try before you buy - if you can. Regardless, if you are even remotely curious, try anything you can - whatever you try, it will be a vast improvement. The new screen is a game-changer! No buffeting and battering. Your glasses and lid will stay put. There is some wind, but that’s why you ride. The breeze you get is steady and calm - and enjoyable. You can turn your stereo down AND hear it better.
    I am a big fan if you can’t tell.
    I bought a bike with a fairing and windshield so I can ride comfortably for 250-350 miles, while listening to the stereo. Now I am there AND the KW looks cool too - it’s no Ultra! Now at 75 MPH, there is more downforce and the front feels more settled too. Yes, it’s overpriced but I would do it again!

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    Your right you should test before you buy if possible. Now I'm 6-1 and I had them install the 10 inch wind split er before I left the dealership with mine and I could see over it with ease. Different body length long torso. I now have the 18-5 clear view shield and really like it. With it you measure from the ignition switch up. Tried the Klockwerks and I didn't like it because to me it was worse then the stock shield for me. But I know a lot of people love them.

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