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    $799 Power Package Street Outlaw mufflers, Power Vision, FM Stage 1 AC

    Horsepower in a box! Introducing the $799.00 Fuel Moto "Power Package" with Street Outlaw mufflers.
    Includes the following:
    A) Jackpot Street Outlaw slip on mufflers (choice of chrome or black ceramic, slash down or slash up)
    B) Dynojet Power Vision flash tuner (PV-1/PV-2 chrome or black) with Fuel Moto map
    C) Fuel Moto AC/DC Stage 1 air cleaner

    This package is available for 2017-2018 H-D Milwaukee eight Touring models, 2002-2007 & 2008-2016 Twin Cam Touring. Call 920-423-3309 to order, this package is not on the website at this time. No additional discounts, no substitutions.

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    Great Price!

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    That's a good price for you power junkies

    2014 Mysterious Red Sunglo
    Stage 1 D&D Boss Fat Cat 2-1 exhaust FP3 tuner
    JW Speaker E2, Custom Dynamic running and tails, 8 plasma rods
    Soundz Customz level 5 Carbon Iron series, 5x7 lids
    Color matched inner fairing and King tour pack with lowers
    Fork fangs, Fairing deflectors, REDA bag bolts

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    I ordered this package after talking with them.

    I previously installed a head pipe, Jackpots, tuner, and cleaner on another bike. I was very happy with performance and quality. I decided not to do the head pipe on this one. I primarily want a better sound, any performance increase would just be an added bonus, The stock M8 runs great stock.

    I will update when completed.

    Update: Initial impression because I only have about 100 miles so far, so.....

    Installed in the default configuration, with baffles in, it didn't really sound much different than stock. I removed both baffles and it did make a difference. They are not loud but do have a deeper sound, and do not seem to be overly loud on longer highway rides, which is what I was looking for.

    Time will tell if I decide to add the head pipe or leave as is.

    I will say they are high quality and feulmotto support was very informative.
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