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    Freedom 8"

    I've been riding around with an 8" Freedom shield for the past few days. I had an HD Windsplitter 7" before. While the Windsplitter 7 is a huge improvement over the OEM sliver, the Freedom 8" is just about as big a step over the Windsplitter 7 for me. No more buffeting at all really. I can hear my stereo a lot better because the winds not buffeting in my ears and if I'm just running around town, I can ride with a hat on. I'm a helmet guy but I got curious so I gave it a shot. Took it up to about 60 and the hat wasn't even trying to lift. I'm 6 feet with a 33 inch inseam and I see over the Freedom 8 just about perfectly. I got their darkest tint and can easily see through it, even at night though in my regular riding position, I'm not looking through it. Just a side note for those who wonder how dark dark is. All in all, it's a great shield. FAr superior to the junk HD has to offer. IMG_0590.jpg
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    I think I might go with the Freedom Shield and the 8" at that as well. What you initially describe regarding the 7" windsplitter vs stock is true for me. I notice when I get to Freeway speeds there is buffetting at the top of my helmet. Enough so, I know that any prolonged highway travel will make me motion sick/dizzy from the excessive movement.

    What I notice is when you follow online instructions on how to measure the proper windscreen, they show the person without a helmet. A helmet does add at least an inch to the top of my head. I think manufacturers should mention that or take it into account...

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