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    2014 Street Glide Special - Gear Indicator not Working

    I have a 2014 FLHXS and the gear indicator is not working and therefore the cruise control is not functioning either.

    I ride the bike last week and everything was fine. I washed the bike this morning and now I'm having this issue. I turned the bike off and when I went to start it again it would not start while in gear. I put the bike in neutral and it started. Thought that was strange but didn't realize there was an issue. Then I was riding on the freeway and went to engage the cruise control. It turned on but it would not set the speed. Then I noticed the gear indicator was not working. So I assumed they are related somehow. I came home and disconnected the battery thinking it may have gotten water in the switch box and needed to reset. After I disconnected the battery and reconnected it the bike would start in gear with the clutch engaged but the gear indicator and cruise still do not work. I have disconnected the battery again to see it it needs and extended time period to do a complete reset.

    Has anyone experienced this with their bike? Any ideas as to what may be going on here? Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Check for DTC this may help you resolve issues. ( Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

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