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    Looking for luggage to go with my 2015 street glide, I've tried 3 different bags and none seem to fit over my sissy bar or have long enough straps to go around my bar. Any recommendations would be great pictures are better.


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    I have the Iron rider bags from Dowco and they are supper easy to attach to the sissy bar and fast to remove. Has lots of room they make a large, medium, small bags that hook together really easy and don't move once strapped on. Had an issue with a zipper pull falling off when we first bought them. Called Dowco and sent a picture they sent me a whole new bag free of charge. I like to do business with companies that stand behind their product. So 1 large bag and the small one that attaches to the top gives me 2 or 3 weeks of room for everything you need. We purchased 2 large and 1 small because I have to pack the wife's stuff as she rides her own.

    Tons of bags out there so good luck in your search.

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    I have a t-bags stow-a-way which fits over nicely. But they had a brain fart when they put the carry handle on it, you can use the handle when it's empty and compact but when you expand it and pack it full of stuff, the carry handle is now at the bottom!

    I picked up an off brand sissy bar bag from the leather shop earlier this year and it fits on the sissy bar with room to spare. Not the quickest on/off since it secures with 3 horizontal velcro straps plus a vertical bub over all of those. I'll probably buy one of the Harley sissy bar bags next.

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    I use with great success the saddlebag inserts and for the sissybar I use Harley Davidson premium touring bag combo part # 93300003. super easy and holds enough for 2 weeks on the road.

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    As TomA said above "There's tons of bags out there".
    There are several touring luggage manufactures that have been doing a swell job for years. There are also some emerging companies that offer quality products in a variety of materials. This is one of those subjective subjects and everyone may have differing opinions all valid.
    I have had good luck with HD touring luggage. Good quality and made of tough material with good zippers. Lots of sizes to choose from. I have had this HD bag on my luggage rack most of the time for several years. I use it as my tour pack. Fits two half helmets and rain suits or a case of beer and groceries. Harley has many combinable luggage options.

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    Nelson Rigg King Tourer here. Secures with velcro’s. Can pack two people for a long weekend, rally easily. Also has a nice roll bag for cover, rain gear etc. very similar to T-Bags.

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