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    Upgrade throttle body

    I have a TC 107 build and was wondering if with a similar build has tried a HPI 55 throttle body vs the OEM Delphi 50. Had several shops tell me to first try the larger injectors in the stock Delphi TB.

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    I have no experience with the HPI TB, but when I did my 107 build I upgraded to the SE 58MM TB with 5.3 GPS injectors. Bike runs great! Before I went that route, I had started smoothing the inside of the stock TB by hand after reading that Fuel Moto ports them. Unfortunately, I got too greedy and removed too much material near the injector sockets and the project was scrapped. This mistake resulted in my decision to buy the 58MM SE TB.

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    NGOT8R, Did you see a big hit in fuel mileage going with the larger TB? I'm looking at upgrading to a 107 this Winter and was hoping to avoid a big hit to my fuel mileage, so was just going to stay with the stock TB and injectors.
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    I went to 107 with 58MM SE TB also, and I am getting 43-45 MPG, fuel mileage is about the same when I got the bike new.....but I don't ride normal so I don't really know what the bike will do if I ride normal.....LOL!
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