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    Freedom Shields

    After looking at several forums and trying to decide on a new windshield for my 2018 FLHXS I decided to try the windshields from Freedom Shields.

    John is great to work with, as everyone predicted. Sometimes, emails are a little slow, but I figure I'm not the only customer they have.
    I was shipped a 7" touring and a 8" standard. Both came with their warranty that I could return if not happy as long as I keep the protective film on.

    I am 6' tall and my passenger is 5'7". The 7" touring is a great windshield. I like how it flows with the Batwing fairing, so much better than the Harley 10" windsplitter. Because Freedom Shields are a little straighter than the Harley model, 7" isn't the full 3" shorter than the HD 10". However, being 6' tall, I think the 8" would be better.

    This morning I tried the 8" standard shield. The height was great. I could still look over it, but if I needed to, I could tuck in behind it. I noticed a lot more wind than with the touring shield.

    I look forward to receiving an 8" touring windshield.

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    I have a 5" Freedom Shield, it's thicker and far superior quality to HD's Windsplitter. It works most effectively with the vent open.
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