I have a 2015 Black Denim Street Glide Special that I have managed to keep looking perfect since purchase. Last week I took a trip down to Sioux Falls for Hot Harley Nights (fund raiser for Make a Wish of South Dakota). After returning from a very hot weekend in SD and cleaning the bike, I noticed a fine spray of white paint all over the front of the bike.
Iíve tried EVERYTHING that I can think of to remove the paint and nothing works! Of course Iím being extremely careful to not rub on the paint too much.
Iíve tried a pressure washer right up to the spots, Harley Denim detailer, rubbing alcohol, a little carb cleaner and found Dr. Beasleyís Matte Paint cleaner which advertises removing overspray from matte paint. NO LUCK!
Iíve always used WD40 on my cars to remove paint and tar but Iím nervous about putting that on my Matte paint.
Please help me! All suggestions are welcome, prefer tried methods!

Thank you!!