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    2019 SGS After market exhaust help

    Hello everyone! New here, please take it easy on me with my dumb questions.
    But I am looking to change out my stock exhaust to Vance & Hines Big radius pipes & i also want to do a screaming eagle heavy breather. With those two bolt ons Im reading that i will need a tune. My question i have is has anyone had any problems with their choice of tuner? Most common one i know is the FP3. I would hate to spend 1K on parts & have the bike not run as it should. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Maybe the pros will chime in. As I dont know enough about the big radius on a m8 engine. If you do enough research you will see the m8s really need back pressure to maintain early torque. I just recently got back from fuel moto where they installed a woods 22x cam in my 107 and they had to take off my boneshakers and replace them with jackpot mufflers to make the best torque possible. That is my dyno chart before the cam install and after. You can see from 2-3k rpm the dip in torque from the larger mufflers. And yes I know the pic is sideways!!! Lol

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    Welcome to the fun. There is no such thing as a stupid or dumb question here. Being in California you get a restricted FP3 so V&H can stay compliant with the laws. I would look at getting the power vision because if your like me you will do more upgrades down the road. The FP3 is a good tuner if your only going to do exhaust and air cleaner and use the auto tune feature. But when you start adding some more motor upgrades it lacks tuning and map capabilities. Did some motor work to mine and had to step up to the power vision and even with this tuner I had to have it dynoed to get the right fuel air mixture with my head work and valves I selected. So if your happy with just exhaust and air filter the FP3 is perfect. If you buy the FP3 have it sent to someone outside of California so you get the unrestricted tuner.

    Good luck with your upgrades and keep us posted

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