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    New GTS radio issues 2019 streetglide

    I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem with the radio shutting off and coming back on with the Harley logo on it. First time it happened is when I had the phone connected to the USB port playing Iheart radio through it. When it did it again, I disconnected it from the USB and put it on Bluetooth. I then again had the rebooting of the radio system. My last check on the system is one I was just playing the radio and the last time rebooted. I took it to the dealership for the first service on my bike and to see what the problem was with the radio. The service tech could not figure it out after talking to the Harley Tech Support people. The service tech then reset the radio and took the code down to call them for Tuesday. I left the dealership to go on a ride and to my surprise, the whole radio locked up and could not be turned off. I was close by another dealership and took it into them. They had a better understanding to what was going on. My radio was resetting itself because it has a built in thermal protection switch to keep it from over heating. I am going to leave it at that dealership on Sat to run more test on it.

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    First time we have heard about this on here. Thought this new head unit was the fix but maybe not or you have a bad one which happens. Could be a loose connection also.

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