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    Does Vance & Hines have any official company reps (or regular personnel) on here?

    If so, wanted to let them know exactly how impressed I am with their customer service.

    I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy guy, and even though my SG is the first EFI bike I've ever owned, I'm an old gearhead that got a driver license just a few years after the "Big 3" auto makers stopped using I'm fairly familiar with the various parts of the system and how they all play together.

    My SG's previous owner had installed an aftermarket air cleaner and a Thunderheader on the bike, but didn't put a tuner on it, so the FP3 was my first purchase. It dialed in pretty well with the canned map, then did even better with the autotune. I was very impressed with it.

    Last week I put in a set of Andrews 54H cams and some 1.675:1 rocker arms in it. They offer canned maps for the cams, but the rocker arms alter the numbers significantly and it ran like dead rotted ass. Seriously, I looked at other cams to see what else was out there that would come close to the final numbers on my cams (total lift is slightly more than the 67H but duration is more like the 57H), but it still ran like hell. I autotuned and it ran significantly better, but after over 200 miles I couldn't even get any of the blocks to green in.

    I called V&H this morning, and my only complaint about the whole process was the hold time of almost half an hour, but it may have had something to do with their guys being on lunch break so I won't take any points from them for it. Aside from that, their tech support was top-notch. I told them what I had done to the bike, gave the last six of my VIN so they could link with the app on my phone, and within ten minutes I had a custom map. Dude tells me "Cool, you're all set, take it for a ride and call back if there's any issues". As soon as I fired it up, I could tell that it was a completely different bike. It runs like a rabid animal now.

    So yeah, I'm recommending the FP3 to anyone that wrenches on their own bikes. It's extremely user-friendly, and when you're in a situation where you need a professional to help you, it's fast and easy.

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    Vance &Hines has very good customer service and they will help. Did some motor work to mine and we were on the phone a lot to get a tune for it. Didn't have enough WIFI to get tune downloaded and talk to them at the same time. They called me back after the download went through to make sure I had it and helped get the right one uploaded. Ran good and I would suggest using an FP3 as anybody with a little patience can make it work. I have since switched to a power vision with a dyno tune and life is a whole lot better now. One of the problems with these tuners is the front cylinder will steal fuel from the rear cylinder making it run lean.

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