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    Well, here you need to look at additional data on the bike. I just know by myself that I also picked up on the old Harley Davidson, and of course had to consider several options for selection. I recommend also to look necessarily information from the profile experts who already know exactly what names are worthy to take a place in the top, for example, here you can look at True Dual Exhaust For Harley . It is thanks to these data I was able to pick up for myself the exhaust pipe. I think the Freedom Grill (IN00034) Exhaust will do here, as it goes universal from 1995 to 2011, not only does it give a very good and strong exhaust, but also looks very stylish, so it is already solid to drive in front of friends-bikers. I hope that I was able to help, but look for yourself, there are several options described, choose them based on your expectations.
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