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Don’t forget the VVT computer controlled system. Has three push button activated riding modes. Rode one Friday, quite awesome. Be in my garage this week 😁👍🏻
Only the models with the 121 have the VVT. But the base models do have various ride modes.

Congrats on the new ride. Post up some pics when you get a chance.
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Went on at test ride on a '24 today at 37°. Was a bit nippy to say the least.

My thoughts on it are: Definitely needs a taller windshield (6'2" evenly proportioned between upper torso and legs), transmission shifted like silk compared to mine ('21), quieter exhaust wise, turn singals buttons are low on the clam shell and I found that I was hitting the ppt and back buttons, a lot of real estate on the infotainment screen, seat sits comfortably but for my liking to far forward, air cleaner is huge and will be scuffed up fairly quickly ( had to make a conscious effort to avoid hitting it while braking), no discernable wind buffeting coming up from around the tank, the left turn button is also shared with the horn button ( might stab the turn while needing the horn), the sound system (radio) is weak in the volume department (45 mph and it turned up ¾ with a ½ helmet on just hear something), touring ride mode only felt the same as my 114 on acceleration (pre cam, didn't try out sport mode), suspension is a vast improvement (purposely went for the bigger bumps and dips), center of gravity is lower ( easier to whip it around a parking lot), to start it press and let go of the starter button and it cranks until it running.

My overall thoughts: Great machine if you're considering a new one. The new info center would take a lot to get used to along with the hundred buttons on the bars (😆). The P&A parts have a serious amount of catching up to do, along with the aftermarket folks. There is no support for Android auto or Siriusxm. Although I was told that there are discussions of rectifying these, I wouldn't hold my breath on it happening anytime soon. I mean, look how long it had taken them to support AA on the GTS. If you think that you or your passenger knock your saddlebags now, these are wider to replace the volume lost from not having stretched bags. A 10 mile test ride told me that it can deliver a smooth ride, not leaving me with the thought of the first upgrade being the suspension. The horn is clearly louder to me ( I hit it a couple of times reaching for the blinker). But that may be due to it being mounted down by the jiffy stand pivot and reflecting off the road. Good gracious, the radiator is huge. The cover over it is screened and extends past the down tubes of the frame. Lifts off the stand with minimal effort and easily balanced. Those of you with a shorter inseam, with the center of gravity being lower and reduce weight of it, may have a better time with it at stop lights and such. I found that with just one foot on the ground while stopped wasn't that strenuous. Although I was unprepared to ride today ( hoodie and jeans) I didn't feel that bite that you would get from riding in colder temps. Except for that short ass windshield, I could have went for another 10-20 miles. But my forehead was freezing and my eyes were watering, so I (we) headed back. The grey (gray) paint is about as exciting as mud in your trucks fender well. Why this color was chosen as the primary paint over vivid black has me scratching my head. Now the blue burst really pops in the sunlight. I could see me with that color. But for now, I'm still married to my '21 and don't believe there will be a divorce in the near future. The lack of p&a and aftermarket is my hold back from making the deal. Even with a generous trade in allowance, tire and wheel protection, and swapping over of parts that will, I just can't do it...
I agree with this. First honest post I’ve seen that’s not hyped. I am 6’4” and I traded in my 19 street glide standard with some nice upgrades for a 2024 model kind of on a whim. Lot of good but also some bad with the new ride. My biggest complaint is the fairing/windshield shoots the wind directly in my face. The old model the windshield goes straight up pretty much where the 24 is more at an angle. It seems as if the new fairing is shorter or positioned lower but this may not be the case. I’d have to measure them both. It’s probably just the difference in windshields(at least I hope ). My second complaint is the seat thrusts you forward more like a sport bike not a cruiser and the ONLY option for a different seat I have found is the Harley tall boy seat which only raises you one inch and does not move you back. The handlebars I think are about an inch lower as well, but I think this could be corrected by simply rotating them a little so the bars go out and up a little. Overall it’s not quite as good for taller riders out of the box. At least all of these things can be fixed with parts it’s just when you first hand over the dough for a new bike I don’t really want to spend another couple thousand on parts and accessories.
I don’t wanna sound all bad, the motor is amazing. Super smooth and the power band is way better than the 107 I’m used to. I read somewhere that Harley put a limiter set to 100mph on the new bikes. This isn’t true for mine anyway, I had it at 105 still climbing but had to back off. It’s still snappy in 6th gear. The sound system is better than the stock sound system on the 19 but let’s be honest, if you care about audio it will need to be updated. With all the electronics as well it’s definitely the better bike no question.

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