What does a Street Glide Rider think of the New Pan America?

It will be great to literally go cross country, road and off road! It’s going to be the new phenomenon!
Had a KTM 1290 super adventure R for 3.5 years before buying my SG a month ago. Loved it’s off road capabilities, but love my SG far more on pavement. Am sure the Pan Am would be similar to KTM. Personally, I’ll take the SG all day long, but if I’d not already had a taste of the adventure style bike I might be more intrigued.
Not a fan of the PanAm but I just took a test drive on the new Sportster S Friday and that thing is no joke!
Super nimble and quick as hell.
I wanted one till I drove it.
I'd lose my license forever if I owned one of those...
I like it. It’s a little tall for me but I would get one
If my feet touch the ground!
Add some of these
My take: It's fast as hell but I would need stilts, platform shoes and a step ladder to tame this beast. Its not for me.:cool:

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