Wind Splitter 8" Windshield for 2024 Street Glide (Review)

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May 1, 2024
I'm not sure how HD can call what comes with the '24 Street Glide a windshield. I'm only 5'7" and even for me it was too low and ineffective to be of any use whatsoever. Unless, of course, their goal was to direct as much wind as possible directly into the rider's face, in which case they have succeeded admirably. Way to go, MoCo!

At present there aren't too many options out there for 2024 Street Glides so I decided to give the HD Light Smoke 8" Wind Splitter a shot (part #57400601). For me, it's been a game-changer and has cut the wind noise down by about 80%, making it possible to hear both my music through the speakers and the bike itself.

Installation requires a simple, inexpensive mounting kit (part #57400668) and was a breeze. BTW, as per the instructions, spraying the rubber grommets with a 50% alcohol/water mixture really did make them seat more easily.

As others have mentioned, there is a fair amount of distortion at recurve at the top of the windshield and along the sides. However, since I look over rather than through the windshield, it's something I've largely been able to mitigate by adding a few extra yards to my following distance. Truth be told, the only portion of the windshield that doesn't seem to have some degree of distortion is at the center. How it is that the aftermarket can produce recurved windshields that are largely free of distortion while HD cannot is beyond me.

At the end of the day, it's a windshield, not a window, and in that regard it performs its primary function quite well for those of us who prefer to look over rather than through our windshields. Will it be the last windshield I ever buy for the bike? Probably not. But for now it gets the job done and has made the bike 1,000% more enjoyable to ride. YMMV.


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